Monday, August 25, 2014

Tuxedos are important too! How to match the groom to you and your bridesmaids conservatively

Very often, when thinking of wedding attires, we forget about the fact that although the bride may be the most important person at the wedding that there are some other very important people too. The groom is obviously one of them and so are the people in the bridal party as well. Therefore, you will have to take into consideration their attire too, especially if you are on the more conservative side and you want to match them all. How do you do that? Read on and follow these tips: 

Color: Obviously, if you want to match your groom’s tuxedo with your dress and with the bridesmaids dresses, you will have to think of the color. Your dress may be white, but try to match your future husband’s tuxedo with your bouquet at least. For instance, if you have purple flowers, a tuxedo with silver or white and the same shade of purple for the bowtie/tie will look beautiful. Also, you can have your bridesmaids dress in the same color scheme as your bridal bouquet too, if you want them to match. 

Fabric: If your dress is made out of silk or satin, you may want to have at least a bit of that on your husband’s tuxedo too. He may not want to dress in a tuxedo made entirely out of satin, but the tie may look good this way. This goes the same way with your bridesmaids too! 

Design: Look at the general design of your dress too and take it into consideration when helping your fiancĂ© choose a tuxedo and when providing the guidelines for the bridal party dresses. Their dresses may not have to be exactly like yours, but you can keep certain “bits” of its design and bring them into their attire. 

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Should you take photographs before or after the wedding? Who should be involved in the photographs?

For the vast majority of people, their wedding day is one of the most important ones in their lives. Together with other happy events, these are days you will want to keep in your memory as fresh and as “alive” as possible. Thankfully, technology is your friend when it comes to this and now you can take hundreds of wedding pictures to store them safely without any way in which they can deteriorate. And yet, even with high-tech and a talented photographer on your side, there are still many questions you may ask yourself. Will you want to take pictures of just about everything and everyone or will you want to be more selective with your magic day’s photos? Read on and find out some of the best tips that will help you decide when to shoot the photos and who you could include in them: 

First and foremost, always keep in mind that this is your wedding and not anybody else’s! Sticking to the etiquette is, of course, something you will most likely want to do. But that doesn't mean that you should stick with it even when it strongly goes against something you believe in or when you simply don’t like something about it! 

Taking photos before the ceremony is a good option because everybody will look fresh (no tipsy people and no tired people either). Furthermore, you will know for sure that everybody’s going to be there, so there is no risk of not being able to take photos with someone because they left the party. 

Many couples choose to take their wedding photos in between the ceremony and the party. If you are planning to leave a gap between the two parts of the wedding though, make sure you will entertain your guests with some cocktails and snacks. 

Taking photos after the wedding can be a good idea too, but do keep in mind the fact that you will most likely have to refresh your makeup at least a bit. On the other hand though, the pre-wedding stress will be gone by now so you will be able to take your photos in peace.

As for who will be involved in the photographs, it is, again, your choice. If you don’t want to discriminate, then take pictures with everybody or group them according to friendships and the relationship you have with them (so that you don’t have to spend half of your wedding reception shooting photos with every single guest individually). 

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Add some fun to your Wedding Reception with a Groom's Cake

For most of the people out there, their wedding day is one of the most luxurious and ceremonial days of their lives. And yet, these should be joyous moments as well and they should be sprinkled with a lot of fun. The music, the dances, the delicious food, the toasts – these are all forms of entertainment meant to make your guests feel very good at your wedding reception. 

The bride is always the center of attention at a wedding. Even the full word for “groom” is bridegroom! If you are among those who love a good laugh though, you may want to offer your spouse-to-be to have a good say in your wedding as well. Having a Groom's Cake instead of a Bride’s Cake can be one of the funniest and most original decisions you could make in that respect. 

There is really a limitless number of possibilities when it comes to Groom's Cakes. They can be funny, they can be a declaration of love (from the bride to the groom, for example) and they can definitely add a bit of spice even to the most formal of the weddings out there. Here are some great ideas for a cake dedicated to the groom: 

A cake shaped as pizza, hamburger or any other fast-food item you know your future spouse loves
A cake with a “pun” related to a hobby your future husband has (fishing, for example) 
A cake with your husband’s favorite sports team colors 
A cake based on your husband’s wedding suit 
A half-white (feminine) half-black (masculine) cake 
A cake with a music-related theme (if your husband-to-be is the kind that absolutely loves music, for example)

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tips on How to Organize a Bridal Party Aisle Walk

A wedding coordinator refers to an individual who possesses experience when it comes to the process of organizing and scheduling a wedding ceremony and reception. The main goal of this person is to ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch. Many details can be overlooked when you don't hire a wedding planner and one of those details is who will walk with who down the aisle? Another is which music will each one walk to and in what order? With so much to think about you can forget an important part…When does everyone walk?

Below you will find a traditional wedding processional etiquette on how to plan for this important element of your wedding ceremony:
  • The guests are seated.
  • The groom, best man and Officiant enter by using a side door. They all stand facing the guests.
  • An usher escorts the grandmother(s) of the B to their seats.
  • An usher escorts the grandmother(s) of the G to their seats.
  • An usher escorts the mother and father of the G to their seats.
  • An usher escorts the mother of the bride to her seat. Her father is also seated, if he is not walking her down the aisle.
  • Processional music begins.
  • The bride's mother (and father) stand(s).
  • All the guests stand.
  • The ushers walk down the aisle (or escort the bridesmaids) and stand next to the groom and best man and then face the guests.
  • The bridesmaids walk down the aisle.
  • The maid and/or matron of honor walk(s) down the aisle.
  • The ring bearer walks down the aisle.
  • The flower girl walks down the aisle or the flower girl and ring bearer walk down together.
  • Processional music changes and/or the volume increases.
  • The father of the bride escorts the bride down

Of course there are many factors that goes into whether you follow this system exactly. You might be more modern or want to start a new tradition. What if you have a biological and step father? Perhaps your best friend and maid of honor is your brother’s ex-wife? How will that be handled? There are other traditions or I can help you with all of these details. Why not give me a call and schedule a consultation.

Wedding Dress Styles for a Hawaii Wedding

When it comes to dressing for any occasion many things need to be taken into consideration right?  For example, when attending an informal BBQ on the beach you'll obviously wear shorts and a t-shirt.  But if you're attending a company meeting with clients you'll dress in more professional attire.  Well a wedding is the same way.  Where your wedding is taking place, who your guests are and what type of surroundings you're in will dictate what you wear.

Despite popular belief, not every Hawaii wedding is on the beach.  We have some beautiful wedding venues in Hawaii with ballrooms and intimate gardens that are also popular.  So below we've provided a very basic breakdown of the most popular wedding dress styles for different types of Hawaii weddings.  Hopefully this article will help you choose the best style for your particular Hawaii wedding:

·         Beach wedding - Most brides getting married on the beach will wear a wedding dress with airy fabrics, delicate laces and shimmering sequins, perfect for a ceremony in the sand.  A popular beach wedding dress typically has a shorter train than a ball gown but can still be very elegant.  Strapless, spaghetti straps or halter top styles are seen often at a Hawaii beach wedding whereas dresses with long sleeves and heavy fabrics are scarce.

·         Hawaii ballroom wedding - With venues like the St. Regis Princeville in Princeville Hawaii or the Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu brides typically wear gowns that are little more formal.  Longer trains and more detail oriented gowns are seen more often than simple, knee length gowns.

·         Hawaii garden or park wedding - The Hawaiian islands have parks and gardens on nearly every street corner so the type of garden or park you choose will determine the type of gown you should wear.  If it's a public park I wouldn't suggest wearing a Vera Wang or Ralph Lauren wedding gown.  However, if it's a private garden setting like you see at the Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa - Hawaii then Vera Wang would be appropriate.

With that said, this is your wedding and you can wear any time of wedding gown you want.  I just wanted to give you a very brief overview of what is typical because it's a question that many brides getting married in Hawaii have.

I would love to help you plan the Hawaii wedding of your dream so please give me a call and schedule a consultation.  I'm here to help turn your Hawaii wedding fantasy into reality.