Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Attention Summer Brides, here is what should be on your wedding checklist:

Summer is right around the corner – and this means that a wonderful season of weddings has opened its gates right in front of our eyes. If you are a summer bride, you are most likely nervous and excited to plan the Big Day. However, make sure that you don’t forget some of the most important summer wedding checklist items! Here are some of the most important ones to keep in mind:

Getting married in May? The Big Day is just one month away so this is the time to make all the last-minute arrangements that are so important for everything to be perfect. Call the people who haven’t sent their RSVPs, hand in the seating arrangements, schedule and confirm your hair and makeup appointments, buy the wedding party gifts, get your marriage license and create a day-of plan as well.
Getting married in June? You may already start feeling that the Big Day is making huge steps towards you. If you plan on having a DIY wedding, make sure all the d├ęcor items are colored, glued and ready by now. Also, remind yourself to touch base with the vendors too (send inspiration photos to the photographer, talk about the wedding playlist with the DJ and so on).
Getting married in July? Sure, you may feel that there’s plenty of time left, but you shouldn’t procrastinate. Since it’s already three months before the Big Day, you should finish your menu, order the programs (and the menus), make a first day-of draft and send it to your vendors, buy the wedding bands and attend the wedding dress fitting (most likely, it will already be your second fitting actually).
Getting married in August? Book the rehearsal venue, do the first hair and makeup tests and make sure to start talking about the music you want played at your wedding (including the First Dance song, the group dances and so on).

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wedding traditions are different all around the world, take a look as some may inspire you!

No matter who you are and no matter where in the world you are, a wedding is always a happy event in someone’s life. If you want your Big Day to be genuinely unique, why not look into the wedding traditions practiced by different countries? For example, here are some that may inspire you:

Italian weddings traditionally take place on a Sunday. Fridays and Tuesdays are considered bad luck, while Saturday weddings usually happened between widowers and “second husbands”.  While you may not be superstitious about this, it is quite likely that a Sunday wedding will end up being less expensive for you (because guests will drink less, a day wedding is generally more affordable, and so on).
Chinese brides change their gowns at least two times during the wedding. The traditional Chinese wedding dress is red with golden embroidery and changing it as often as possible is a sign of a high social status. Sure, you will probably not want to “show off” your family’s wealth. However, you can wear two dresses for the Big Day if you cannot decide between a long, impressive dress and a more comfortable one.
Mexican wedding food is “comfort food” by definition. Beans, tortillas and rice are very often served at weddings. If you want to avoid spending too much on your wedding food, this would be a great idea for you as well! Even more, the cake is usually made with rum, dried fruit and nuts (and this is surely a delicious combination to ask your pastry chef about!).

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Choose wedding flowers that best suit your wedding theme!

Flowers are important for every wedding – but some weddings will look better with certain types of flowers, while others will look beautiful with other types of flowers. If you have already chosen a theme for your Big Day and if you want your flowers to be picked according to the theme, make sure to read on because we have gathered some tips to help you precisely with this:

Luxurious wedding. If you want to have a very opulent wedding, you should make sure that the flowers arrangements you choose are at least as luxurious as your actual wedding. Large monochromatic or bouquets made with blooms are considered to be very elegant. Even more, if you want to push your luxury theme even farther, you could choose flowers that are more expensive and opulent as well.
Rustic wedding. Country and rustic weddings need their flower arrangements too. The essence here is to keep it as simple and as non-expensive as possible. Wild flowers, lady’s breaths, garden roses, hydrangeas, succulents – these are some of the most popular choices for rustic weddings. Furthermore, when it comes to color, they usually mix together warm colors (such as red or beige) to cold colors as well (purples, deep blues and so on).
Modern wedding. If you want to have a modern, minimalist wedding, you will surely want to keep your flower arrangements along the same theme. Some popular flower choices for this particular arrangements include monochromatic roses, calla lilies and orchids, but these are most definitely not the only choices you have. Furthermore, in terms of vases, a modern wedding will allow you to step outside of tradition a bit and choose centerpiece vases that truly amaze.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Make sure you are aware of the proper etiquette for your wedding party:

Your wedding party is consisted of your best friends – and you will definitely want to thank them for being there for you on such a marvelous day in your life. Of course, a heartfelt, sincere Thank You note is more than recommended – but aside from that, what are the rules of etiquette when it comes to wedding party gifts? Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:

In general, couples pay anything between $50 and $200/person on their wedding party gifts. However, your wedding’s style should tell you how much to spend on the wedding gifts. For instance, if you plan on having a small, intimate DIY wedding, none of your wedding party’s member will actually expect you to buy them very expensive gifts. 

At the same time, keep in mind the fact that how much you pay for your gifts should be proportionate with how much your bridesmaids and groomsmen spend on your wedding day. Remind yourself that they will buy and/or rent their attire, they will travel to your destination and they will spend quite a lot of money on bridal showers, bachelor(ette) parties and so on – so buying them something that is much, much cheaper than how much they spend may not be appropriate. 

As to when to hand out your wedding gifts, anytime is more than OK in terms of etiquette. Preferably, you should purchase the gifts at least one month in advance, but you can give them any time between that and the actual wedding. For instance, some people prefer intimate gatherings with their bridesmaids or groomsmen to do this, while others prefer to hand the gifts out at the rehearsal dinners.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stripes will add some flare to your wedding, here are some ways to incorporate them:

Stripes are fun and elegant at the same time – and they can definitely add a lot to a wedding. How do you incorporate them in a truly stylish way, though? Here are some great ideas to inspire you:

Straws. Serve your cocktails with stripy straws and your guests will love them. To add even more glamor to these straws, place them in glasses discretely decorated with glitter and have your guests take them from there when they need a straw for their drinks.

Bridesmaids. Although not many brides are keen on choosing bridesmaids’ dresses with bold patterns, the truth is that this can be an amazing choice. Go for thick black and white, teacup length dresses and your bridesmaids will be really fashionable!

Plates. Add some stripes to the tables too and the dinner will be even more delicious. If you decide to incorporate this idea into your wedding, make sure the rest of the table is as minimalist as possible (white table cloths, minimalist and stylish centerpieces and so on).

Accessories. If you want your attires to be “sprinkled” with just a bit of “stripy fun”, choose accessories that go along with the theme. Bow-ties in stripes are really stylish for the gentlemen (and they work great both for the groom’s attire and for the groomsmen’s attire too). As for the ladies, stripy shoes look really amazing (and, again, they look great with the bride’s dress and with the bridesmaids’ dresses too).

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