Sunday, May 31, 2015

Know how to be the best wedding guest by following this simple etiquette!

Being a wedding guest is a great honor. After all, the couple wants you to be part of one of the most special moments in their lives. Therefore, you will definitely want to be the best wedding guests so that the bride and groom are happy with how their wedding turned out.

What are some of the most important rules of etiquette when it comes to wedding guests, though? Read on and find out more.

Send your RSVPs. And do it in time. The bride actually does need these because she needs to give a number to her caterers and to her other vendors. Most likely, she has made it very easy for you to send back the RSVP so there’s really no reason not to do it.
Choose the right clothes. Make sure you are informed as to how formal or informal this wedding is going to be. Also, don’t go over-the-top and avoid wearing the same type of clothes/colors as the wedding party.
Make conversation with the couple – but remind yourself to keep it short and sweet. They have to talk to everyone at the wedding and this doesn’t give them a lot of time so keeping your conversations short will be more than appreciated.
Follow the rules the couple establish. If they ask you not to post any photos on the Social Media before the wedding is over or if they ask you not to shoot photos when the photographer is already doing this, follow their rules because it will make them happy.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

How to accessorize your wedding dress

Picking a beautiful wedding dress is important for every bride – but it’s equally important that you accessorize it right too. How to do this? We have gathered some of the very best wedding dress accessorizing tips out there – so do make sure to read on if you want to find out more. 
It’s not just about the earrings and necklace. Accessorizing a wedding gown can go way beyond that, actually. For instance, a wedding dress belt or sash could make you truly shine and it could emphasize your beautiful womanly curves as well. 

Take the neckline into consideration. If you want to pick the perfect necklace and earrings for your wedding look, make sure to keep the shape of the neckline in mind. For example, a V-neck will look fabulous with a choker or with a pendant, while a strapless dress might look better without any kind of necklace, but with a pair of chandelier earrings.
Choose the right veil. Both the design of your dress and how tall you are will dictate the length of the veil. For example, if you are petite, you might want to avoid wearing a fingertip or elbow-length veil because it will create the illusion that you are shorter than you actually are. At the same time, a dramatic floor-length veil may make for a much better choice if you are not very tall. 
Don’t forget to match the metals. Matching the metals with the color of the dress is an absolute “must” even if you are not fully aware of this. For instance, ivory and cream-colored dresses look best with yellow gold, while a very white dress will look more than beautiful with silver, pearls and/or platinum. 

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Don’t miss out on choosing one of the hottest wedding themes of 2015!

2015 is almost halfway through – and this means that the wedding trends for the year have already established themselves. What are the hottest wedding themes of 2015? Read on, find out more and inspire yourself:

Starry night. There’s nothing more romantic than a starry summer night – so why wouldn’t you bring this into your wedding too? Centered on dark blue colors and beautiful lights, this theme is a fairy tale come true for any couple out there!
Great Gatsby. Sure, this theme may have been popular last year too – but the truth is that brides and grooms cannot tear themselves from this theme. Opulent, elegant and absolutely unforgettable, such a wedding can be a great choice.
Rustic chic. Same as Great Gatsby, this theme has been around for quite some time now – but we still love it (and a lot). Graceful, natural and simplistic, a rustic chic wedding is the kind of wedding where all guests, regardless of who they are and where they come from, will feel absolutely great.
Secret garden. Romantic, full of grace and flowers, a “Secret garden” theme would be great for those of you who really love pastels, greys, silvers and whites. Somewhere in between extremely luxurious and vintage, this kind of theme can conquer your guests’ hearts in an instant.
Modern. If you want a contemporary wedding, this year is perfect for it. Simplistic elegance, small weddings and “not going over-the-top” are some of the main characteristics of the modern-themed weddings.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Are you planning a multicultural wedding? If so, incorporate these ideas:

Love can move the mountains – and it can definitely unite people coming from completely different backgrounds too. If you want to plan a multicultural wedding, you should definitely take a look at the following ideas because they will help you bring both cultures together in a beautiful, harmonious and unforgettable way. Read on and find out more: 

You have a lot of options. If you really want to have a multicultural wedding, you should know that you have multiple options at hand.  For instance, you could have two separate weddings for each culture or you could have two separate ceremonies and a joint reception. Even more, you can also blend elements of both cultures in one big wedding as well. In the end, the choice is yours – but do make sure you think things through before you jump in the wedding planning process. 
Make sure you plan your budget. It is more than likely that a multicultural wedding will cost you more than a “normal” wedding would. Thus, a careful budget plan is even more necessary here. Make sure to take all details into considerations and to stick to your budget plan too. 
Make all guests feel included. If you want to have a multicultural wedding, you should also make sure all of your guests feel included (especially when it comes to those elements of your wedding that may belong to a culture different than theirs). For instance, if you plan on having an Indian ceremony, don’t forget to add details about it in the wedding program so that your guests know what is happening and what is the symbolism behind all of the rituals you will follow at the ceremony. 

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