Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Create a unique outdoor wedding that is full of life!

The warm season is here – and we all know this means that a new wave of outdoor weddings are “in the works” too. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding as well, make sure you read on and find out more about how to breathe life into your Big Day! We guarantee you’ll love these ideas!

Keep your guests hydrated, safe and cool. You should take into consideration the fact that temperatures are likely to go up in the following months. Therefore, you should make sure your guests are 100% comfortable at your outdoor wedding too! Provide them with ice-cold water, shade and protection from insects and they’ll definitely have the time of their lives.

Mist the flowers. Spring and Summer weddings are always full of gorgeous flowers. Make sure they don’t wither out by having your florist mist then throughout the Big Day.

Upgrade your ceremony seats. Instead of using plain chairs, decorate them with colorful, comfy pillows. This way, you will add style, color and grace to the ceremony and you will make your guests feel comfortable too. Even more, if you don’t want to use traditional chairs, use bales of hay and cover them with colorful blankets. This idea works especially for rustic weddings, but it can go very well with vintage and shabby-chic weddings too.

Ice cream. Provide your guests with cool, delicious ice cream treats and they’ll love you forever. You can either have your catering company serve the ice-cream or you can go the “playful” way by hiring an ice cream truck.

Lighten up your outdoor wedding. Don’t forget to think of a fun and creative lighting system too! Strings of lights, Mason Jar lanterns and candles work especially well with outdoor weddings, so don’t be afraid to use them for your Big Day

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Choosing the right wedding planner is very important!

Hiring a wedding planner for your Big Day is definitely beneficial as it can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. However, you should absolutely know that not all wedding planners are the same and that most of them offer a variety of services meant to fit any kind of couple, wedding and budget too. Here are some of the most commonly encountered types of planners and what you should know about them:

Full Service Planners. These wedding planners will help you plan everything about your wedding – from the things related to organization to the things related to the décor. If you want to have an unforgettable wedding with as little hassle as possible, this is the perfect choice for you.

Day of Coordinator. If you only need a wedding coordinator to coordinate everything on the actual day of your wedding, this is the kind of service you are searching for. A day of coordinator will make sure everything runs smoothly on the Big Day without involving himself/herself too much before that.

A la Carte Consultant. These wedding consultants will provide you with help only in those areas you need. He/she may provide you with décor suggestions, he/she may recommend certain wedding vendors and he/she may help you with a very particular area of your wedding (finding a destination venue, for example). In general, this type of consultant will provide you with the “basics” and it will be up to you to “execute” everything.

Event designers. If you only need help with your wedding décor and overall “look”, an event designer is what you are searching for. He/she will work with some of the other wedding vendors (the wedding invitation designers, the florists and so on) to create the “look” of your wedding – just as an interior designer would work with various contractors to create a beautiful home.
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Your wedding prelude should be beautiful, be sure to choose the right songs!

Many times, couples make the mistake of forgetting about the fact that the wedding ceremony prelude is just as important as the actual ceremony and reception as well. If you want to make this a beautiful moment and if you want to “set the mood” for the great “I Do”, make sure to choose songs that are really suitable for you, your wedding and who you are as a couple as well. Here are some great suggestions:

Aretha Franklin’s (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman. Undeniably, Aretha’s is one of the most beautiful voices in the history of music – and this song will go perfectly with the prelude moment for sure!

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Disney’s “Cinderella”. If you feel that this is truly your fairytale-come-true, there’s no other song more suitable than this one! Peaceful, dreamy and downright beautiful, it makes for an excellent prelude song! 

Bryan Adams’ All I Want Is You. Powerful and yet full of romance and grace, this song will be a perfect addition to your prelude playlist. 

Yiruma’s A River Flows in You. If you want an instrumental song for your wedding ceremony prelude, this one will be a great choice for sure! Also, you could go for Handel’s Air and for Bach’s Air on the G String. 

Green Day’s 21 Guns. There’s nobody to stop you from playing something more unconventional either. 21 Guns is a strong, emotional and beautiful song that will be perfect for your ceremony prelude!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Don’t miss out on these gorgeous color combinations for your Spring wedding:

Thankfully, Spring is almost here – and once March kicks in, we all know that a beautiful wedding season is about to start as well. If you are planning your own Spring wedding and if you want to take some inspiration when it comes to color combinations, here are some ideas to help you out:

Lavender and mint. The “Spring-like” feeling of the lavender and the “fresh” note brought in by mint green are simply ideal for a Spring wedding. Stylish, easy to incorporate and even easier to fall in love with, this color combination works with all kinds of weddings – from very elegant and formal to rustic chic barn weddings.

Tangerine, white and teal. If you want a bold wedding and if you want your colors to reflect the optimism only Spring can bring with it, tangerine/white/teal is a fabulous (and very trendy) color combination to go for. Full of energy and youthfulness, these colors work especially well with late Spring weddings!

Scuba blue, white and coral. Somewhere in between “Summer-y” and “Spring-y”, scuba blue is one of 2015’s top favorites – and honestly, there’s no reason not to love it! Combine it with white and shades of coral for a youthful, fresh and graceful feeling and your wedding will look absolutely amazing.

Toasted almond, gold and copper. If you want your wedding to be toned down and “precious” at the same time, toasted almond is the color to go for. Combine it with fashionable copper and gold and your décor will look extremely stylish – regardless of whether you plan on having a ballroom wedding or a rustic-chic one.

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