Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fun ways to leave your wedding and jet off to your honeymoon

Your wedding! You have been planning for this moment for many months (or even more than that)! And, after so much decision making and so many options ruled out, you finally settled on those things that make this day feel amazingly special. 

But aside from the wedding cake, the napkins on the table and the music your band will be playing, there is yet another important thing to think of: how will you leave your wedding? You came in like the king and queen of the night, so you should leave the same way too! Here are some fun ways to leave your wedding and head off to your honeymoon – and to your whole new life together as a married couple! 

A motorcycle – normally, newlyweds leave their wedding in a normal car. Why not be non-conformist when it comes to this and leave your wedding riding a motorcycle! This could be extremely fun, especially if both of you love bikes! 

In a golf cart – if you are planning your wedding at a golf course venue, this could make for the perfect exit. Leave your car at home because this golf cart will feel fun and original! 

A vintage car – luxury cars are one thing, but vintage cars look amazing and they will give you a “timeless” feeling that cannot be compared with anything. This works especially well if you are planning for a vintage inspired wedding!

A pick-up truck – planning on a rustic wedding? A pick-up truck will provide you with the perfect exit so don’t rule the option out!

A carriage – if you want to feel like royalty, this is probably the best option. It will be fun and it will make you feel absolutely amazing! 

If you feel overwhelmed by the million things you have to handle for your wedding, don’t allow the stress to ruin everything! This is your big moment so make sure you ask Wedding Planner 808 for help if you need it! We can help you create a wedding every single guest will remember for the many decades to come! 

Photo source: flickr.com/Regan Walsh

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Help accommodate your guests for your destination Hawaii wedding

A destination wedding to a beach location can be a great idea! However, aside from the fact that you will have to have to handle the “normal” wedding-related tasks you will also have to make sure that your guests are properly accommodated. 

How do you do that? Here are some tips on how to make your guests feel absolutely excellent at your wedding! 

In the old days, it was customary that the couple pay for the transportation and accommodation of their guests. However, these days this is not actually practiced anymore and most of the guests will understand the money situation. If you do have the budget to do it, try to pay at for your guests’ transportation to and from the guests accommodations to the ceremony and reception then back to their accommodations. 

If you do plan on a destination wedding in Hawaii, make sure that you send out Save the Date cards as soon as you have confirmed and booked the ceremony/reception venues to allow your guests as much needed time to make travel arrangements. This way, the guests will have plenty of time to take the days off, to avoid scheduling anything for the date and to save some money for the trip as well. 

Offer yourself to provide accommodation options and transportation if you want to make sure that your guests don’t get “lost” along the way. 

Don’t forget about the welcome baskets! Picking your guests up from the airport and offering them a basket of small gifts of Aloha (delicious treats, small tokens of your gratitude and so on) will definitely impress them! 

Invite all of your guests to the rehearsal dinner. If possible, pay for a delicious breakfast on the morning following the party itself as well! 

Wedding Planner 808 can help you out with your Hawaii wedding planning so that you don’t have to worry about too much yourself! Regardless of what you need, the team of professionals here will be able to make sure that they offer the very best service possible!

Photo source: flickr.com/ miz_ginevra

Monday, September 15, 2014

How to decorate for your elegant beach wedding

Beach weddings are marvelous no matter what other theme you may choose to incorporate into the “main” one, but when you go for an elegant setting, you created the kind of décor that blends style and nature at the same time. If you want to have a perfect elegant beach wedding, make sure to check with the following tips and to bring them into your wedding planning as well. 

Start by approaching your beach wedding the same way as you would with a normal elegant wedding. That means that you should focus more on the “elegant” part. The “beach-y” part can be given by the setting, by certain fabrics you use for the décor and by the color scheme as well. 

Choose elegant flowers. White roses work absolutely marvelously with almost any kind of wedding, but elegant beach weddings will definitely look stunning with them. These flowers are elegant and simple and, for a splash of color, you can have some of them sprayed to your choice. 

You can go for a very elegant décor and add certain beach-related items (seashells, star fish, sand arrangements and so on). This way, you will blend the “elegant part” and the “beach part” very well. 

You can choose satin and silk for the chair and table decorations, but you can also go for heavier fabrics (as long as everything else is quite elegant). 

Choose beach-related colors. Turquoise, sand, white tend to look very good on the beach, but if you want to lean more on the “exotic beach wedding” décor, go for brighter colors. 

Go for elegantglassware, flower vases and cutlery if you want to add some classiness to your tables as well. 

Regardless of whether you settle for an elegant beach wedding theme or for anything else, Wedding Planner 808 will be there for you. We can help you plan out the perfect wedding according to your style and wishes, so that you have to worry about nothing at all when the big day comes! 

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Great Florals for your Hawaiian Beach wedding

Beach weddings are tremendously popular and there is absolutely no reason not to love them. On the contrary actually: you have all the reasons in the world to choose a marvelous Hawaiian beach wedding theme for your big day as well.

If you do settle for this type of location though, you should make sure that everything at the wedding is in full concordance with the theme and the place as well. And this includes the flower arrangements as well. Here are some superb ideas you may want to take into consideration when it comes to this:

Pastel flowers can work very well with a Hawaiian beach. If you don’t want the traditional pastel pink arrangement, you can go for other types of pastels too: lilac, mint green and so on. There are a lot of flowers that can come in these colors (including roses, if that is what you want for your wedding) so there shouldn’t be any kind of issue with this.

Bright colors are very exotic and they will fit perfectly into the Hawaiian landscape too. Choose fuchsia pink, very vibrant blues, oranges and other such colors. If you want a very powerful contrast, choose flowers that come in complementary colors (blue and orange for example).

If you want a genuinely Hawaiian wedding, you can go for local tropical flowers: pink cottage rose, red ohia, white pupu shells, ginger, birds of paradise and so on.  These flowers range from delicate-colored to very bright and daring, so there is really an option for everyone.

Roses go magically with every wedding, but if you are planning a Hawaii beach wedding you may want to drop the classic red roses and choose tropical orchids.

For help on how to plan your Hawaii wedding so that it turns out truly memorable for everyone, do not hesitate to contact Wedding Planner 808. We can help you with our experience in planning weddings so that you have nothing else to do than lie back and enjoy this very big day.

Bold or subtle? Choose the right make-up for your wedding

If we had to choose one day only in the life of a woman when she really wants to be the most beautiful lady in the room, then that would definitely have to be her wedding day! There is something magical about weddings that make brides-to-be stress out months in advance over the napkins they will pick, over the invitations, over the food and over the thousand other little things that make for an unforgettable wedding.

Your dress is obviously a big choice, but aside from that you will also have to choose a hairstyle to complement both your dress and your beauty and a type of makeup that will make everything complete as well. Choosing the type of makeup you should be wearing can be a tough choice too, although it may not appear to be so at first. Therefore, we have put together some of the best tips to keep in mind when making this particular decision: 

Think of your dress when choosing the makeup. Is your dress sexy and edgy? Or is it more delicate and feminine? This would definitely give you an idea of how bold (or how subtle) your makeup should be too. 

Your skin tone and your facial features are equally important too. Pale complexions usually look better with browns and pastels, medium complexions look great with just about any kind of color and dark complexions love berry-like colors and boldness. 

Your wedding itself should be a factor to take into consideration too. If you are planning a rustic wedding, go for a subtle and feminine makeup. Yet, with luxurious weddings you can wear bolder colors as well. 

Focus on the details that will make you feel stunning and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact Wedding Planner 808 in Hawaii and we can take care of the planning so that you can really see your dream wedding come true right before your eyes!