Sunday, July 17, 2016

Save some money for your wedding by cutting some costs on your reception menu

Your wedding reception is going to be one of the most expensive parts of the Big Day – and the menu you serve can definitely be among the priciest items you will have to pay for this event. How to save money for your wedding by cutting costs on your reception menu? We have some great tips for you – so read on to find out more.

Don’t be afraid to be a little non-traditional. This is how unique and memorable weddings are born most of the times, so it can actually bring plenty of benefits. For example, you could replace the more common cuts of meat with something less popular (such as pork belly or local fish). This will add a special touch to your menu and it can surely save you a lot of money too.
Leave the appetizers aside. If your budget is rather low, offering passed appetizers might very easily push you over your financial limits. We suggest you leave these aside. They are a nice addition, but they are not absolutely crucial – so leave them aside to focus on a more delicious, fresher and more satisfying main meal.
Cut off on the cake. In general, wedding cakes can be truly expensive – so this is another way by which you can save money on the wedding menu. Instead of a large, multi-tiered cake, serve a smaller one and a special candy bar – or have a small cake for the cutting ceremony and serve guests with sheet cake in the same flavors.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Choose the best items if you are renting for your wedding

Regardless of how large or small your wedding will be, attention to detail is crucial – and if you have decided to rent out furniture and other items, you will definitely want to be extra-careful about choosing them. After all, these elements make for a large part of the Big Day’s ambiance, so it is essential that you choose them the right way.

How to do it? How to choose the best items if you are renting for your wedding? We have some great tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Your venue. Like with many other wedding elements, your venue will have an important influence on the furniture rentals too – so be sure to consider it when searching for them. After all, rustic furniture wouldn’t look very good in a very elegant ballroom, right?
Your style. Of course, you should also be sure to choose rentals that go with the overall wedding style too. Having an outdoor wedding is one thing – but if it’s rustic, garden-inspired or shabby-chic, you will want to be sure your rentals reflect that and are perfectly incorporated in the overall d├ęcor.
Comfort and quality. We highly advise you not to settle on any kind of rentals that are low-quality, uncomfortable, or, even worse, downright dangerous. Make a list with the basics you need (chairs, stools, tables, lounge furniture, and so on) and shop around until you find those which fit you – especially from the point of view of the comfort they provide.

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When creating your wedding invitations, be sure to avoid these mistakes

Your wedding invitations are like a “glimpse” into the Big Day – so you definitely want them to be flawlessly beautiful. What does that mean, though? What are some of the mistakes you should definitely avoid doing with your wedding invitations (and stationery in general)? We have gathered the best tips for you to keep in mind – so read on and find out more.

Using too much color. You don’t need to use a lot of color to create vibrant invitations – you do, however, need to use the right colors (preferably, colors that are included or at least related to your wedding color scheme itself).
Trying to use all the wedding elements. Don’t cram all of your wedding motifs into your invitations’ design. Not only will things look like “too much”, but it can also give away too much of the Big Day – and this is something you most likely don’t want.
Addressing the envelopes by hand. No, doing this takes way too much time (and there are still so many things to handle before the wedding, right?). Having your stationery designer address the envelopes himself/herself doesn’t cost much and it can save you a lot of time and trouble.
Leaving guests with too much time to send their RSVPs back. Your RSVPs are essential – so make sure you time their deadline right, so that guests are not inclined to completely forget about them. Three to four weeks should be enough for the guests to decide if they can or cannot attend your wedding – so don’t push the deadline much further than that.

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