Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Create some portable foods for your wedding cocktail hour!

If you plan on having a cocktail hour at your wedding, serve your guests with some delicious portable foods to bring them in the “mood” for the big party. Here are some really great ideas to inspire your cocktail hour menu:

Dessert shooters. Provide your guests with mini-desserts for their sweet tooth and they will surely love them. There are a lot of options when it comes to this, from lemonade sorbets to tiramisu served in martini glasses, so you will definitely find something to really suit your (and your guests’) tastes.
Soup shooters. Serve your guests with delicious cream soup shooters and they’ll have a really healthy snack during your cocktail hour. If you want to add some “comfort food” to the mix, combine tomato soup shooters with mini-grilled cheese sandwiches. They will be really appreciated!
Edible utensils. Small spoons made out of bread dough make for the perfect passed appetizers, especially if you want something unique. Fill them with tasty combinations such as cheese, thin slices of olives and prosciutto and they will be a true success.
Chocolate and donuts. Who said donuts are not “proper” for  a wedding? Serve them in ice cream coups with a luxurious chocolate sauce and there’s absolutely no way in the world your guests will be able to resist these fantastic treats. Elegant, comforting and more than affordable, this is the perfect snack for your cocktail hour!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Are you going to preserve your wedding cake top tier?

Your wedding day will be unforgettable – and yet, you will still want to keep some “souvenirs” from the day you tied the knot with the person you love. Some brides choose to preserve their dresses, others simply decorate their homes with their wedding décor. And other brides are more interested in preserving the top tier of their wedding cake. If you want this too, here are some things you should keep in mind:

You should start by removing all the cake décor (such as the sugar flowers and the cake topper). Further on, you should freeze the cake as it is so that it hardens and only then start wrapping it in plastic foil. Once you have done with this, make sure to mark the cake with a ribbon from your wedding, so that you don’t mistake it with anything else.
It is very important that you know how long your cake will last in the freezer (especially if you want to cut a slice of it for your first anniversary, as many couples do). In general, chocolate, hazelnut, almond and carrot cakes have a longer shelf life than white cakes, fruity cakes and cakes that have whipped cream fillings.
If you really want a slice of your wedding cake on your first anniversary, you could order a “copycat” cake that imitates the original one. This way, you will have a fresh, delicious cake that tastes and looks exactly the same as the one you had on your wedding day.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sweeten up your wedding dessert bar with these scrumptious ideas!

Having a wedding dessert bar has become a very popular option these days and if you want one for your wedding too, you should really check with the following tips. We have gathered the best pieces of advice to help you create a dessert bar that’s truly sweet and stylish! 

Cute dishes. The dishes you use for your dessert bar can have a huge influence on how everything will look. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and go for unusual and great-looking dishes. 
Gumball machine. We are all kids inside and we all love the things that used to make us happy when we were little. Why not bring a gumball machine for your wedding dessert bar? Fill it with chewing gums colored in your wedding colors and it will look adorable and stylish too!
Witty signs. Create some funny, witty signs for your wedding dessert bar too. These will complement the “look” of your bar and they will add more style and personality to it. 
Take-home bags. Provide your guests with great looking bags and encourage them to take some of the sweet treats back home too. There are thousands of designs you can choose from when it comes to these bags – and they will definitely look absolutely wonderful. 
Personalized sweets. Champagne-flavored gummy bears, candy that comes in the precise color you need it – all these things are actually possible, so you will be more than able to create something that looks worthy of a glossy magazine!

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Create beautifully elegant Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids speeches to please the guests!

Being a Maid of Honor or a Bridesmaid is a truly great honor for everyone out there. However, please be aware of the fact that this comes with certain responsibilities too – such as giving a beautiful, elegant speech at the wedding, for example. How to do this? How to create a speech that will be memorable, sweet and heart-warming? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Short and sweet. Don’t exaggerate with the length of your speech. Everyone knows that you are one of the bride’s best friends (so there’s a lot you would like to tell her on this special moment of her life). However, keeping the speech under 5 minutes is the best option if you want to make sure nobody gets bored.
You can be funny. Sometimes, Maids of Honor and Bridesmaids feel that they cannot be humorous with their speeches because this is the “Best Man’s job”. However, that’s not true. You can add a bit of humor to your speech too – and the other guests will definitely love it!
Don’t forget about the basics. There are certain “basics” all wedding toasts have to include: expressing how happy you are for the couple, including a personal note (make sure you don’t get too sentimental!) and wishing the couple all the amazing things in the world.
Don’t procrastinate. Start writing the speech as early as possible and make sure you give it some thought. Also, practice does make perfect so give yourself some time to do this too!

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