Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tips to help keep your guests entertained at your sober wedding

Your wedding is a happy moment – and not just for you, but for everyone invited as well. Therefore, you will definitely want to make sure everyone has the time of their lives and that they really enjoy being there for you on such a big day. 

Some of you may choose to go for a non-alcoholic wedding, but that should not mean that your guests will not be entertained! On the contrary, actually! There are many ways in which your guests can feel absolutely amazing even if you choose not to serve alcoholic beverages at your reception. 

Here are some of the best ideas out there: 

Great music. The number one entertainment source at every wedding is not alcohol, but music. Bring in an amazing DJ or band and make sure they will play or mix songs everyone loves so that every guest dances at least to one or two songs. 

Tasty non-alcoholic drinks. You don’t have to serve water and soda only if you are having a sober wedding. There are many spectacular non-alcoholic drinks out there too – you just have to use your creativity a bit. 

An entertainer or a comedian. There are many entertainers who perform at weddings too, so why not bring one in to cheer up the crowd? From stand-up comedians to illusionists, you are allowed to go for whatever you feel that would entertain your guests best. 

Photo booth. Having a photo booth at your wedding is a sure way to get some real fun pictures. Everyone will love the idea and they will all want to shoot some pictures in the photo booth! 

Games. There are tons of games that can be played at your wedding. Use your imagination and you’ll find amazing ways to keep your guests more than entertained even if you are not serving them alcohol! 

Regardless of the type of wedding you choose to have – alcoholic or not – Wedding Planner 808 can be there for you to make sure every single thing is in its right place. We can help you create that happy-ending movie wedding you’ve been dreaming about ever since you were a kid! 
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