Sunday, February 1, 2015

Getting married a second time is just as important! Take a look at some ideas for planning yours:

Just because you went through this before it doesn't mean that your second wedding is not important – on the contrary, it should be equally important. If you want everything to turn out perfectly, don’t forget to check out with the following list of etiquette tips for brides who are remarrying because it might come in handy.

Wear what you feel most comfortable in. Seriously, the days of “no white for a second wedding” are long gone and today you are more than allowed to wear whatever you want: a beautiful white ballgown, a suit or a dress in any other color you like. The only “rule” is to choose something you feel “at home” in and that complements your beautiful body.

Pay attention to how you share the news. The first ones to find out are always the children (if you have any). The second ones are the Ex's (regardless of whether or not you get along with them). The third ones are the family and the close friends. Once you deal with all these people, you can let everyone else know of the big news too.

Attendants are more than acceptable. You can even have the same attendants as you did for the first marriage as well. However, try to be considerate of their finances and choose bridesmaids’ dresses that are affordable (and, preferably, that can be worn again to other occasions too).

Gift registries are acceptable too. You might not actually want gifts, but do expect to be asked about this. The easiest way for everyone is to create a gift registry and to direct anyone who asks towards it. Make sure you don’t mention gifts in the wedding invitations, though (not in any way, not even to mention that you want none) – that’s a major faux pas you should definitely avoid.

Even though you might have went through this before, keep in mind that planning for a (second) wedding can still be stressful. Wedding Planner 808 can help you create a stress-free wedding that will be unforgettable for everyone. Give us a call and let’s have a talk about your Big Day and how you would like it to be – we are more than positive we can help!

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  1. Well that is well said that getting married a second time is just an important. Both of you are looking cute in picture that you have shared here. I loved every point that is shared in blog. Which was yours vow renewal location dear?