Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Don’t miss out on these gorgeous color combinations for your Spring wedding:

Thankfully, Spring is almost here – and once March kicks in, we all know that a beautiful wedding season is about to start as well. If you are planning your own Spring wedding and if you want to take some inspiration when it comes to color combinations, here are some ideas to help you out:

Lavender and mint. The “Spring-like” feeling of the lavender and the “fresh” note brought in by mint green are simply ideal for a Spring wedding. Stylish, easy to incorporate and even easier to fall in love with, this color combination works with all kinds of weddings – from very elegant and formal to rustic chic barn weddings.

Tangerine, white and teal. If you want a bold wedding and if you want your colors to reflect the optimism only Spring can bring with it, tangerine/white/teal is a fabulous (and very trendy) color combination to go for. Full of energy and youthfulness, these colors work especially well with late Spring weddings!

Scuba blue, white and coral. Somewhere in between “Summer-y” and “Spring-y”, scuba blue is one of 2015’s top favorites – and honestly, there’s no reason not to love it! Combine it with white and shades of coral for a youthful, fresh and graceful feeling and your wedding will look absolutely amazing.

Toasted almond, gold and copper. If you want your wedding to be toned down and “precious” at the same time, toasted almond is the color to go for. Combine it with fashionable copper and gold and your décor will look extremely stylish – regardless of whether you plan on having a ballroom wedding or a rustic-chic one.

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Photo source: shelleyelizabeth