Friday, May 22, 2015

How to accessorize your wedding dress

Picking a beautiful wedding dress is important for every bride – but it’s equally important that you accessorize it right too. How to do this? We have gathered some of the very best wedding dress accessorizing tips out there – so do make sure to read on if you want to find out more. 
It’s not just about the earrings and necklace. Accessorizing a wedding gown can go way beyond that, actually. For instance, a wedding dress belt or sash could make you truly shine and it could emphasize your beautiful womanly curves as well. 

Take the neckline into consideration. If you want to pick the perfect necklace and earrings for your wedding look, make sure to keep the shape of the neckline in mind. For example, a V-neck will look fabulous with a choker or with a pendant, while a strapless dress might look better without any kind of necklace, but with a pair of chandelier earrings.
Choose the right veil. Both the design of your dress and how tall you are will dictate the length of the veil. For example, if you are petite, you might want to avoid wearing a fingertip or elbow-length veil because it will create the illusion that you are shorter than you actually are. At the same time, a dramatic floor-length veil may make for a much better choice if you are not very tall. 
Don’t forget to match the metals. Matching the metals with the color of the dress is an absolute “must” even if you are not fully aware of this. For instance, ivory and cream-colored dresses look best with yellow gold, while a very white dress will look more than beautiful with silver, pearls and/or platinum. 

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