Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter wedding menu trends you will love for your big day

December is here – and if you are among the brides and grooms who think winter is the most fabulous season for a wedding, you are most likely getting ready for the big day. To help you serve the most delicious foods for your wedding, we have gathered some amazing suggestions right below – so read on, find out more and inspire yourself: 

Comfort foods for the cocktail hour. With the weather outside, your guests will definitely love to indulge in some classic comfort food bites. Serve mini-portions of mac and cheese, forks with spaghetti and meatballs or grilled cheese mini sandwiches with hot tomato soup shots. These foods are guaranteed to make everyone happy!
Cream soups. To warm up your guests from the very first meal, serve them some deliciously hearty cream soups as a first course. Butternut squash with croutons and potato with cheddar soups are very popular during the winter season – so don’t forget to consider them when choosing your winter menu. 
Sweet treats. If you want to sweeten up your guests, arrange a self-serving candy bar with the most delicious sweet winter treats. Chocolate-covered cranberries, pretzels with white topping, white M&Ms, chocolate cheesecake lollipops and mini-pies are very much appreciated, so you should definitely consider them for your candy bar. Also, don’t forget to provide your guests the option to take home some of these goodies (which can also double as a wedding favor). Offer them small customized bags or Chinese takeout boxes and some tools to scoop out the candy – and we guarantee they will be more than happy. 

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Photo source: flickr.com/ ohmeaghan

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