Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Before the wedding comes the bridal shower, be sure it is planned just right!

Your friend’s bridal shower is very important to her – and you surely want her to be truly happy at this essential pre-wedding event. How to make sure you plan a bridal shower both the bride and the guests will love? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Take the initiative to plan the bridal shower, especially if you know for sure nobody else has done it already. However, don’t feel obliged to plan everything on your own. In fact, engaging other bridesmaids or relatives of the bride is always a good idea, as the tasks will be split among everyone.
Don’t forget to check with the bride’s schedule, as well as with her VIPs’ schedule too. In general, bridal showers are planned quite early on, but this depends a lot on the bride and the guests too.
Speaking of the guests, don’t forget to ask the bride for her guest list. This way, you know for sure whom to invite – and you don’t risk making the mistake of inviting someone who isn’t invited to the actual wedding.
Also, don’t forget to offer people guidance for the gifts. You want the bride to be truly happy with everything about her shower – and making sure she receives gifts she wants and needs can be a very important part of this.
Last, but not least, plan some fun group activities, but always make sure you choose activities that would not make the bride feel uncomfortable. And do not make the shower schedule too strict or too crammed with activities – these things tend to ruin a party, as everyone will focus more on checking items on the “to do list”, rather than having fun.

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