Sunday, September 18, 2016

Get creative with your wedding seating

Seating people in the right places is essential for the success of your Big Day – but it is also important to make sure the seating chart blends beautifully with everything else at your wedding. How to create a genuinely unique wedding seating? We have gathered some pretty ideas – so read on and find out more.

Hanging leaves. This is a very simple, but beautifully unique way of showing guests off to their seats. Line up strings (one for each of the tables at your reception) and attach the leaf-shaped escort cards to each of these strings. Simple, special and truly cute – and it works marvelously for a spring wedding, just as much as it does for a fall one (just change the colors of the leaves!).
Mirroring love. Planning a very fancy affair? Mirrors have the almost magical power of reflecting light and making spaces look larger. Plus, a mirror with a vintage or antique-looking frame can also be a great addition to a vintage-themed wedding too. Place the large mirror at the entrance in the reception room with the guests’ names and tables on it and they will surely like the idea.
Flowery touches. If you want your wedding favors to double as escort cards too, think of your favorite potted flowers (and make sure there are as many types of them as wedding tables are). Write guests’ names on a small, beautifully-designed card in the pot and encourage them to take the plant home and help you “grow their love”.  Romantic, eco-friendly and beautiful too!

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Photo source: county marquees

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