Thursday, March 17, 2016

These Save the Date ideas are perfect for your destination wedding!

f you have always dreamed of a wedding where you are surrounded by the most scenic landscapes, by the most gorgeous Ocean or by the most beautiful exotic sands, you know you would go the extra mile to make sure you have a destination wedding torn out of glossy magazines.

…And it all starts with choosing “Save the Date” cards that will make your guests actually want to “Save the Date” and be there for your big “I Do”. How do you do that? How do you create destination wedding “Save the Date” cards that boast with uniqueness and beauty? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

Tickets. Make your “Save the Date” cards look like plane or boat tickets to incorporate the idea of a destination. This will be more than suitable for your wedding theme and it will also make your guests really curious about the upcoming wedding as well.
Messages in a bottle. If you have always thought of messages in a bottle to be truly romantic, now’s your chance to actually use this idea. Place your “Save the Date” cards in small bottles and ship them to your guests – they will be delighted by the idea!
Passports. Planning a wedding outside the country? If so, replace the traditional cards with a “Wedding Passport”. This is really fun and it will add a dash of authenticity to your entire wedding.
Luggage tags. Make sure your guests are fully ready to pack their bags by creating “Save the Date” cards designed as luggage tags. Cute and fun, this is the kind of idea that will surely bring a smile on your guests’ faces.

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