Monday, August 8, 2016

Gain some insight about popular wedding traditions

Truth be told, we are all surrounded by customs we don’t know much about – and weddings are definitely among the most traditions-oriented events in our lives. From the moment the bride walks down the aisle to the moment she bids her farewell, there are a lot of wedding customs we tend to follow, but never really understand the meaning of.

What are some of the most popular wedding traditions and how were they born? Here are some interesting things you might want to know about this:

The bouquet toss. This tradition was started in England, where the bride’s dress and bouquet used to be torn off by the women at her wedding (who believed that stealing a piece of the bride’s attire would bring them good luck). To be able to escape the wedding, the bride would toss the bouquet over her head on her way out. 
Something old, something new. It is generally known that this tradition is meant to bring brides good luck in their married lives. However, what not many people know is that every part of the tradition has its own meaning. Something old is a symbol of the bride’s connection with her past and family; something new represents her big hopes for the future; something borrowed is usually taken from a married woman who had good luck in life; and something blue is a symbol of the bride’s purity, as well as her love and fidelity. The last part of the tradition is commonly forgotten these days (“…and a sixpence in her shoe”), but people believed it would bring the bride wealth in her married life. 
The tiered cake. Did you know that this tradition dates back to Anglo-Saxon times, when guests brought small cakes to the wedding and stacked them one on top of the other? However, it was a French who first created the actual tiered cake, taking inspiration from the shape of the old Anglo-Saxon tradition and covering the cake in frosting as well. 

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