Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Debating between having your wedding during the day or at night? Let us help you weigh your options!

Weddings are overwhelmingly emotional – but planning them can be equally overwhelming too. In fact, many brides find themselves facing so many questions and decisions that the months prior to the big day feel like an endless to-do list. 
If you have not yet decided on whether you should have your wedding during the day or at night, we have gathered some of the best ideas to help you weigh your options. Read on and find out more. 

Daytime/morning weddings tend to be less expensive than evening/night weddings. This happens mainly because you will save a lot of money by serving lunch and some “light” drinks (beer, wine, etc.) rather than serving dinner and lots of liquor. 

The main downfall of a daytime wedding is connected to the fact that many of the guests may not be in the mood to party and dance. Most of them are not used to with daytime parties and dancing at 3 pm may not feel very attractive to some. 

Evening/nighttime weddings are more expensive, but it will allow everyone to dress really fancy for your big night. Even more than that, if you choose the right time slot, you can also shoot some really beautiful pictures too (imagine you and your spouse-to-be kissing in the sunset!). 

If you are running on a tighter budget but if you want your guests to feel comfortable drinking and dancing, try an afternoon wedding at an estate where you can have the ceremony and reception start at any time. This will start at around 2-3 pm and it will end at around 7-8 pm, before the night fall. 

Also, you can always have a morning ceremony and an evening reception. However, keep in mind the fact that your guests will have to be entertained in between as well – and that’s what the so-called “cocktail hours” are for. 

Whatever you choose, do not hesitate to call Wedding Planner 808’s services. We have the know-how and the experience necessary to make every bride and every groom 100% happy with how their wedding day turned out!  

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